Progress in Pictures

It has been a busy but fantastic week! We have made incredible progress, and now we are waiting for the cement to dry. The guys worked on cementing the floors in the soon-to-be boys’ dormitory all day yesterday. So while we wait, I thought I would share some photos of the guys working. All I can say is that they work hard in Kenya!

Mofat and John mix the cement outside the building.

Boniface lays the cement inside.

Here is a picture of another volunteer who is at Rehema.  Tammy has been working in the shamba, weeding the potato plants for two days! Yesterday, the girls helped her finish.

This past week we also visited the land that we purchased last summer. Throughout the past year, they have planted beans and maize. The crops look fantastic and the land is just as beautiful as I remember. We walked the property line where we are now digging holes for fence posts. I hope that we will be able to finish by the end of the week so we can purchase our beef cows. I also met the woman who has been taking care of the shamba for us. She lives with her two twin daughters in the building that is on our land.

Ben shows us the beans that are ready to be harvested.

The maize crop.

The woman taking care of our shamba.

Her beautiful twin daughters.

The community has been using one side of the building as a church. We have let them continue. Here is their worship space.

This is where the permanent boys' orphanage will be built next year.

So here is to another productive week! Enjoy your Sunday!

With love,


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